Dreamcast Connection

Welcome to Dreamcast Connection

Dreamcast Connection is a unique website dedicated to the Sega Dreamcast gaming console. This website was mainly designed to solve 3 specific issues:

1Selecting a game. Because I own so many Dreamcast games it can be difficult to select a game to play. First I'd pick out the games that could support the number of players I had. From that selection I'd pick out the genres that my guests had said they'd like to play. Finally, we'd be able to select a game to play. Using Dreamcast Connection, you can create a virtual game library. Once created, you can quickly select games by using the robust search feature in your virtual game library.

2Finding the save file. Once the game has been selected, the next issue is finding the VMU with the game's save file on it. Because you have to plug in each one and browse its save files until you find the correct one, it takes quite a bit of time when you have several VMUs. Using Dreamcast Connection, you can create a virtual VMU library to simplify this process. Once created, you can simply select the game you are playing from your virtual game library and it will display which of your VMUs have save files for it.

3Finding new games. I've always wanted to be able to go to a master list of Dreamcast games and search for titles that match a given criteria (number of players, genres, etc). Dreamcast Connection has a robust search feature which allows you to find the exact titles you'd be interested in learning about.

Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or suggestions.